Within the aaXia Cloud Hosting Online Control Panel, there is also a selection of Advanced Applications. They are intended for cloud hosting clients that are skilled in handling their web hosting environment. Still, on account of the convenient–to–use interface in the Online Control Panel, they are rather straightforward to manage, even for newbies. At the same time, we’ve introduced an array of precise how–to tutorials that can help beginner users promptly discover ways to work with the software instruments!

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself from bandwidth theft

In the aaXia Cloud Hosting Online Control Panel, it is easy to promptly defend all of the graphics in your websites from being used any place else devoid of your approval. And you can now do this with merely a couple of clicks of your computer mouse making use of our Hotlink Protection tool.

Everything you should make is in fact choose the domain you intend to guard and trigger the Hotlink Protection. Adjustments will take effect at once and your pics will be shielded from illegal use and data transfer thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated building of .htaccess files

Included inside the aaXia Cloud Hosting Online Control Panel you will find .htaccess Generator – a powerful software tool, which allows you to create .htaccess files and not having to create them by yourself. Our tool involves no experience and no comprehension of .htaccess file management.

With the .htaccess file, it’s easy to reroute several webpages of your respective site as well as the entire web site to a new place. You may also use it to defend a directory with a password as well as to have PHP code within HTML files, etcetera.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malevolent IP addresses from accessing your web site

Inside the aaXia Cloud Hosting Online Control Panel we’ve integrated an incredibly beneficial tool that enables you to minimize the ability to access your web sites by blocking distinct IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, it is possible to put a stop to an IP address or, possibly an entire range of IPs from being able to access your web site. To see which IP addresses generate the ’undesirable’ traffic to your web site, you can check out the Stats Manager.

All IP addresses are impeded quickly and then no one will have the ability to find or gain access to your website from them any more.

IP Blocking